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If you have come to this site, and you’re already a member of RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions, you’re welcome to copy the url and pass it on to a potential member.

If you are a visitor, and not yet a member, then a big welcome to you. An existing member wants to help you make some money and sent you here to learn how and to read a statement by Janice Lee, one of our admins.

But first, what is RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions?…

The RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions Group consists of 2 matrix groups:

First, the Domination series of four 2×2 matrices which use Ethereum and, secondly, the RJGM Power matrices which use Bitcoin.

With the price of Bitcoin being much higher than when RJGM started, plus the expensive fees being charged, and the delay in sending and receiving BTC, the owners of RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions stepped in to add something that was inexpensive, had low fees and with no delay in sending and receiving.

This was always their desire as part of the philosophy of helping people make money.

So, because of it’s potential to increase in value, Ethereum was adopted as the currency to be used on the four new Domination Matrices with a VERY low cost start of just 0.002 ETH. (about $1.90 as at February 3)

And With the Same Philosophy – One Link One Team One Goal!

Look at the image below to understand how the Domination Matrices are used to lead into the existing RJGM Power Cycle matrix which, in turn, leads to the Power Build Matrix.

Everyone Starts with Domination 1

Each 2×2 matrix is filled automatically from left to right so you could easily have people placed under you who you won’t know and WE ALL PROMOTE THE SAME ONE TEAM LINK!


Look at the potential of the DOMINATION system when you buy, let’s say, just 1 account for 0.002 ETH, approx. $1.90 as of February 3.

Domination 1

When your position cycles through Domination 1 you get back 0.007 ETH

If ETH was at $1000, that would be $7

You also get two re-entries into Domination 1 and one entry into Domination 2

Domination 2

When you cycle through Domination 2 you get back 0.026 ETH

If ETH was at $1000, that would be $26

You also get two re-entries into Domination 1 and one entry in Domination 3.

Domination 3

When you cycle Domination 3 you get back 0.033 ETH

If ETH was at $1000, that would be $33

You also get two re-entries back into Domination 1, one entry into Domination 4 and one entry into the Starter POWER CYCLE.

Domination 4

When you cycle Domination 4 you get back 0.11 ETH

If ETH was at $1000, that would be $110

You also get two re-entries back into Domination 1 and two more entries into the Starter POWER CYCLE.

And those POWER CYCLES will be paying you even more money when you move through them.

Waiting for image


With 10 Domination Accounts

A good indication of the RJGM philosophy is that we can buy only 2 positions at a time in any 1 hour with a maximum of 10 positions per day.

To maximise the benefit of the Domination matrices we recommend you buy 5 or 10 positions each time, subject to the rule above.

This rule is a deliberate strategy by RJGM to have member positions spread apart to avoid any ‘big spenders’ grabbing a cluster of positions and being paid before other members.

To buy 10 Domination accounts would cost 0.020 ETH, approx. $19 + fees.

The return. for each matrix, when all 10 accounts have cycled would be:

Domination 1 – 0.07 ETH – if ETH was $1000 that would be $70

Domination 2 – 0.26 ETH – if ETH was $1000 that would be $260

Domination 3 – 0.33 ETH – if ETH was $1000 that would be $330

Domination 4 – 1.10 ETH – if ETH was $1000 that would be $1100

The total return, when 10 accounts fully cycle the four Domination matrices, is 1.76 ETH.

And for 5 accounts, costing 0.10 ETH, the return would be 0.88 ETH.

So, let’s say ETH was $1000. Then your 0.020 ETH would have cost you, a one-time out-of-pocket, $19 plus any transfer fees and 1.76 ETH would be worth $1760!

To calculate using an exact up-to-date ETH value go here. (a new tab will open and you don’t lose this page)

Take the price shown on that page, let’s say it’s $957 and muliply 957 x 0.26 (or whatever the ETH amount you have) and you’ll get the USD value. In this case 957 x 0.26 = $248.82

Not a bad return!…and you have those other and POWER CYCLE positions moving along as well.

Here’s a good video analysis explaining why Ethereum could rise to $1800, $2000 or $5000 in the next three months, and that’s from the video release date of Dec 13, 2017.

Certainly the early February crypto bear market has hit all Crypto currencies but even if you take the lowest prediction of $1800 you are not only making money in the ETH Domination matrices, based on the number of positions you hold, you may also have a minimum increase of over 100% in the value of any ETH you own.


The Future of Ethereum

It’s well known that Ethereum has a great future and we all need to make the most of that by buying lots of positions in ETHDomination.

Some people will eventually ride the ETH wave and make a lot of money!

RJGM members are getting ready to ride that wave at unbelievably low cost of 0.002ETH/position.

No wonder we’re all excited!

Here are the links to the articles: CryptoRecorder and StocksGazette

They both open in new tabs so you won’t lose this page. And remember!…these are not the opinions of RJGM they are comments by knowledgeable, and informed third parties.

Current ETH price at is about $900, so, imagine if the price went to $5000!…who knows!…and many people prefer ETH to Bitcoin as the platform is more efficient, faster and cheaper to use!

It’s only my personal opinion but I think Ethereum will eventually become more dominant than Bitcoin, therefore increasing its usage and value.

Can you now see the power of having multiple Domination matrix positions and holding some ETH?

(All links open in a new tab so you do not lose this page)

Other Price Predictions can be read here, here and here.

To check prices look at CoinMarketCap and EthereumPrice but, remember, depending on where you buy from the price will be slightly different.

To buy some Ethereum Coinmama may be able to help you and to check if Coinmama is available in your country go here.

For an ETH/BTC/USD Exchange Rate go here or here.

The possibility of ETH increasing in value was enough to tempt me to start with multiple positions, and you should consider doing the same.

My personal strategy is this:

Cycle Domination 1 and buy 2 more positions (paid from earnings)

Cycle Domination 2 and buy 3 more positions (paid from earnings)

Cycle Domination 3 and buy 4 more positions (paid from earnings) and, finally…

Cycle Domination 4 and buy 5 more positions (paid from earnings)

These positions I will buy are extra to the re-entries we are automatically given as we cycle through Domination 1 to 4 and are vital to building your income and making RJGM stronger!

It’s a medium to long term strategy because purchasing those extra positions from my Domination earnings simply increases the potential of extra money later from the Power Cycle System as the cycling flows through.

Click On the Image Below for the Main Domination Site & Join us TODAY

The RJGM Group Power Cycle System

The RJGM Power Cycle consists of eight 2×2 matrices.

Starter – 0.002 BTC entry
Copper – 0.005 BTC entry
Bronze – 0.01 BTC entry
Silver – 0.02 BTC entry
Gold – 0.04 BTC entry
Platinum – 0.10 BTC entry
Titanium – 0.20 BTC entry

They lead to the final matrix

Power Build – a 2×5 matrix – 0.02 BTC entry

If you are able to take advantage of the DOMINATION plan of donating for 10 positions, when you cycle all four matrices you will arrive at the POWER CYCLE with 30 entries at the STARTER Level (not all at the same time though).

You can also donate for positions at the Power Cycle starter level if you want to, but it’s better to gain multiple entries from the DOMINATION system at a cheaper price.

This is a breakdown of the payment plan for the new POWER CYCLE

Coming soon

Is that possible??

It could be if you treat it as your own business by building it, promoting it and re-donating into it, and all that is without anything received from the Power Build matrix.

This will only work with commitment, determination and re-donating into your business.


When someone wants to join RJGM Power Cycle only the main website url is used. Just like the Domination group there are NO individual affiliate links for members.

The url you use to promote the RJGM Power Cycle is: as this is where all members start in the Power Cycle System.

Each matrix is filled automatically from left to right so you can easily have people placed under you who you won’t know.

RJGM Facebook Group

You can join the RJGM Facebook Group here.

(All links open in a new tab so you do not lose this page)

RJGM Power Build

The RJGM Power Build  is what the other four matrices are leading to where you could make up to 14 BTC on a recurring basis. The matrix is 2×5 and will take time to complete.

When you leave the POWER CYCLE you send entries into the POWER BUILD, the road to 14 BTC over and over.

So besides receiving 14 BTC, like the other matrices you receive donations along the way at each level. You receive an additional 0.333 BTC $2760, the payments below are with your donations taken off so they are what you will receive, here’s how it pays out.

Level 1. You receive 0.001 BTC $8.20

Level 2. You receive 0.002 BTC $16.40

Level 3. You receive 0.030 BTC $246.30

Level 4. You receive 0.30 BTC $2462.80

Level 5. You receive 14 BTC $114,934.70

TOTAL TO RECEIVE $117,668.40 Worth of Bitcoin From 1 Entry. 

All USD figures are based on a Bitcoin value as at 08/02/2018

One entry in the POWER CYCLE gives you eleven entries into the POWER BUILD, that’s enough to make you a millionaire. Ten entries in the POWER CYCLE gives you one hundred and ten entries into the POWER BUILD.

Now, if you follow the Domination plan and put 660 entries into the POWER CYCLE that not only makes you wealthy but puts 7,260 Entries into the POWER BUILD when you cycle them all.

Now that will get everyone cycling the POWER BUILD, not forgetting the 100 re-entries when a member cycles the POWER BUILD.

This is potentially a never ending money machine, that is why we keep saying and will keep saying, re-donate to the Domination as it just keeps pushing you forward and paying you money.

Rinse and repeat and it will be a business well worth working for.

Happy Earning.

You can join the RJGM Facebook Group here.

Strength from Unity        Growth from Unity

The philosophy of RJGM is that we are one team and, therefore, all use the same link to promote.

My name is Phil Selwood and I am simply a member of RJGM, not the owner, so please don’t send me any support tickets.

The reason I built this site was to keep a record of a superb, and heartfelt, statement Janice, the owner, recently posted in the RJGM facebook group.

I felt her statement should be kept on view and read by members, and potential members, to show everyone the determination, focus, honesty and sincerity of the people behind RJGM.

So, enjoy reading and feel her passion…

‘I have been wondering for a few days how to do this post and what exactly that I wanted to say or should say.

My team knows me very well, but there are a lot of new members in this group that do not know me so good so I am going to start by telling everyone a little about me.

Then I am going to go from there and tell everyone what I expect from not a few but from everyone if they want to make any money with RJGM Power Build.

I am a normal average everyday person just like all of you. I am not rich and I have been taken for a lot of money on the Internet going from one program to the other just like each of you have.

I have a family, I have 2 beautiful daughters one is 27 and one is 16 and I have 2 beautiful grandchildren.

See I am normal. I have been taken from one program to the other just like all of you trying to make money and jumping from one thing to another until I found the RJGM Power Team that was started by myself and 3 other individuals.

OK with that out of the way. RJGM Power Team was started in another platform and we built it and we designed the RJGM Power Build. It has the same meaning as the Power Team did.

We work together as a team building the matrix from left to right with the next person in line to get their 2 referrals getting them and then moving on.

That is where the one link comes in and that makes this equal playing ground and equal to everyone.

Now here is the part that a lot of you will like and a lot more won’t like:

Read the image that goes with this post! I meant it and I was looking for this is the reason I delayed this post until I found the perfect image to go with it.

If you are one of the ones that has been working and promoting thank you very much.

If you are one of the ones that comes to this group or keeps messaging the admins whining and moaning and asking when do I get paid, when do I do this, when do I do that. QUIT IT NOW!!!

In the time it takes you to send that message or to type that comment out you could have posted to 3 or 5 groups.

I know this, I’ve done it and I know how long it takes to do it. If you are going to be lazy the Internet is not a place for you to make money.

There are no overnight riches, there is no join free make money, there is no do nothing and make a million.

I hate to burst your bubble but it’s not there.

If this is the mentality that you have go get a JOB and forget having your own business.

This is what this is, YOUR BUSINESS and where we are all working together to build it as a team so no one is left alone to do it and it is made easier this way.

If you are not going to do it and all you’re going to do is constantly whine, complain, moan and groan you don’t need to be here.

You may say that is mean and that I am being rude. NOPE I’M NOT. I’M STATING THE TRUTH.

Actually I am one of the nicest people that you would want to meet, yes I am plain spoken and blunt but still one of the nicest you will ever meet until it is time for me to not be nice anymore.

Some will never see that side of me and some already have.

What I am saying is, if you want this to work then work it as a business and you will reap the full rewards of it.

If you don’t want to work a business and have your own business then let one of the admin staff know and go find a JOB that is as nice as that can be said.

We are here to make money all of us. Do your part!

It has been said from day one in this group since we have opened it that this is going to take TIME, PATIENCE, WORK, AND THE DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED if you do not have that then this isn’t the place for you.

This is a place where it will take time but you can quit chasing after the next bright and shiny object because you will make money here with this.

I am stubborn and I am hard-headed and I did not open this program for it to be here today and gone tomorrow like a lot of the others are doing.

I launched this program to be here for the long term and it will be but it is your decision if you want to be in it or not.

I am not threatening to take accounts, I don’t want anyone’s accounts I want them to have them and I want them to work to make sure that they get their 14 btc.

Taking accounts and throwing people out is not me nor any of the other admins. We are here to help each and every one of you to succeed but you have got to want to do so.

With this being said, and I know it is a long post and I don’t want anyone to sing praises to me for posting it. I don’t want ‘I will do this and I will do that’ talk is cheap if you don’t mean what you say then don’t say it.

It is time for the talk to be over.

Show me and work this business that you have been given, bring others in and let them reap the benefits the same as you.

This can and will be done but only each and every one of you will decide it how long it takes for us to get through the journey and get the 14 btc so you can start on the journey of doing it again and then again.

I have said what I wanted to say as I said some will like it some won’t and I expected that but read it even though it’s long and then re-read it because this is the one company that won’t let you down if you do what needs to be done.’

So there you have it…open, honest, passionate and 100% determined to make RJGM work!

After you have joined RJGM you can give the url of this site to your own friends and let them read Janice’s statement.

I wish you every success with RJGM but before you go…

If you opened a small business in your local town what would you do BEFORE you opened and what would you continue to do after you’ve opened?

Here’s a clue!…


You PROMOTE it! You tell EVERYONE!! And Then You PROMOTE it AGAIN!

You make sure that everyone knows what you have…


And Here’s Why You Should Join Today!

Here’s a good reason to join RJGM! You read about the ETH potential on this page now read the Bitcoin predicted prices…

For more information, and predictions, read this page.

And you could say that Billionaires are pretty smart people, so what do they think about the value of Bitcoin? Watch the video and find out!

Now you’ll see why joining RJGM today and owning Bitcoin will enable you to spread your wealth and avoid some of the risks that lie ahead with paper money.

And Don’t Forget!…the ‘Secret’ Formula for Success with RJGM…


Join + Upgrade x Action = Bitcoin + Freedom

One Link! One Team! One Goal!

To Help YOU Receive Multiple Bitcoin!

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